Why Oraldents™ ?

Whitening Strips – 2 Week Supply
  • Safety

    Oraldents™ products have succesfully passed official tests by the competent authorities and proven to be 100% safe.

  • Fast results

    The fastest results on the market! You can already see the results after five days of use. 

  • Save Money

    Forget the expensive dental appointments. Oraldents™ gives you the same results with fraction of the costs.

  • Easy to use

    We can guarantee that our products are so easy to use that everybody can manage to use them.

  • Clinically tested products

    Our products have been approved by the authorities in clinical tests. You can be as comfortable as you would be in the hands of a dentist. 

  • Before/after

    Here’s a picture of the results from 14 days of continuous use of Oraldents™ teeth whitening strips

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

    100% guarantee for satisfaction. We are so condifent about the brilliant results of our products that our customers will always get a full refund if they are not satisfied to our products*(T&C’s apply)


" I had a lot of stains in my teeth due to my habit of drinking a lot of tea, but Oraldents™ really saved me. My teeth became whiter than ever after a few weeks of use! "

" I used to have a bad smile and it really affected my self-confidence. Now my teeth have whitened already 11 shades. I couldn't be happier! "

" I couldn't be more satisfied about the product and customer service I received from Oraldents™. I can totally recommend this company!"

" Oraldents™ has kept my teeth perfectly white. I will newer stop using it "